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Harry Daniels – Resurface EP Review

Resurface is the debut EP by University of Gloucestershire student, Harry Daniels. Harry and his guitar carry us through 4 beautifully composed songs.

The album has a whole mix well together. The album starts with Troubadour – the piano and guitar of Troubadour added with the soft drums string you along and by the end, before you have time to realise it, the drums really kick in. The repetition through the chorus and reverb near the end of the song lets the song really open up and get heavier in a natural way.

Troubadour melts into Other Side of the World. This is perhaps my favourite from the album as it uses the sad lyrics and reverb melancholy feeling the guitar and piano set up. The lyrics match perfectly with the sound of the instruments and the lingering reverb

Like Troubadour, the song is given the space to grow and the finishes as hauntingly slow as it began.

Motorway Mary shows Harry can do more than just a slow song. This song utilises the drums to carry the song, and whilst doesn’t drown out the vocal, compliments it. The lyrics take us on a literal journey and the lyrics set the scene for what type of person Harry wants us to follow.

Finally, the title track; Resurface. A beautiful, clear voice from the offset. This is another favourite of mine as it is just Harry and his guitar. His transition from his natural voice to hitting a couple of the higher notes throughout the song show off his vocal range and control. The song ends on a nice little beat and rounds off a well put together and charming debut EP.